1.5.18-1: issue with cygwin1.dll: "system shared memory version mismatch detected"

JeDi jedi200581@yahoo.co.uk
Sat Dec 10 10:36:00 GMT 2005


  On a Windows XP SP2 I have installed cygwin 1.5.18-1
(the latest as for now). When I launch cygwin.bat, I

C:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe (3652): *** system shared
memory version mismatch detected -
This problem is probably due to using incompatible
versions of the cygwin DLL. Search for cygwin1.dll
using the Windows Start->Find/Search facility and
delete all but the most recent version.  The most
recent version *should* reside in x:\cygwin\bin, where
'x' is the drive on which you have installed the
cygwin distribution. Rebooting is also suggested if
you are unable to find another cygwin DLL.

This occurs for every cygwin executable (ls, grep, dd,
etc ...). I have followed the instruction above:
looked for other cygwin1.dll, I have renamed all of
them. I have rebooted. I have tries with another user
acount. I have uninstalled cygwin (delete the folder
and the registry key) and installed it again. I always
obtain the same result.

Any idea ?

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