Brian Dessent
Sun Dec 11 14:39:00 GMT 2005

Dan Stratila wrote:

> I was wondering why (MIT) Kerberos is not an official cygwin package? There
> are many cons for it:

The only reason that it is not an official package is that no one has
volunteered to do it.  The packaging guide on the web site describes
everything necessary.  But nothing will happen until someone actually
follows through and offers to maintain them.  Wishful thinking will not
make it so.

> 3) It looks like there are at least 3 binary sets of various versions of
> krb5 available online (,
> and, and
> By making this a package, at least
> 3 people will save time. :)

You should be asking those people why they chose to post packages on
their own sites rather than step up and offer to maintain them as
official packages.

By the way, topics about packaging belong on the cygwin-apps (at) mailing list, not here.


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