traceroute command anywhere?

Brian Dessent
Sun Dec 11 17:40:00 GMT 2005

Robert Body wrote:

> Hi, I looked in that must be the best way to search
> for what's inside packages right?

In all honesty it is the very best way, at least if you are only
interested in finding official Cygwin packages.  There are of course
other repositories of non-official packages.

If you are using a recent snapshot you can also use "cygcheck -p
<query>" from the command line which queries the same list.

> and I can't find  traceroute  which pings a website but also shows how it
> got there, with the 11 or so hits of IPs it does along the way
> is there a pre-built binary for traceroute out there?

The "tracert" command is part of windows and should be on any PC.  While
not a Cygwin app it should work fine from within Cygwin.  Is there a
reason this will not work for your needs?

Alternatively, find the source tarballs of other implementations of the
the various traceroute utilities (e.g. lft, mtr) and see if they will
compile.  See for example


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