setup.exe - un-attended installation support

Christopher Faylor
Tue Dec 13 15:40:00 GMT 2005

On Tue, Dec 13, 2005 at 09:14:43AM -0500, Duane Ellis wrote:
>I support an internal development group and I need to have a number of 
>people install and use cygwin.
>I've had more then a few problems with "Human Factors Problems"
>        - Missed packages that should have been installed but where not...
>        - Wrong versions installed
>        - Newer versions - that caused problems... [I have not fixed yet]
>        - Package not present on the mirror they choose
>        - Mirror they choose is not reachable right now for some reason
>In a perfect world this is what I'd like to have:

I'm not sure of your intent in providing the above laundry list but,
assuming that it was more than just frustrated venting about possible
cockpit problems, in a perfect world, people who report bugs would also
provide details about the bugs rather than just making assertions of

- What packages were missing?

- What was the "wrong version" installed and what was the mechanism via
which a wrong version was installed?  Was it specifically selected?

- What newer versions caused problems and what were the problems?

- What package was not present on a mirror?

- How would you expect an unreachable mirror to be handled in setup.exe,
given that the fact that a mirror which is unreachable by you may be
reachable by others?  (You do understand that the mirrors list is
automatically checked and updated on a regular basis, right?)

See for hints on the kind of details
we need to fix reported problems.


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