1.5.18-1Upgrade/Install Issues

Korthrun korthrun@gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 05:34:00 GMT 2005


     I was upgrading from a previous version of cygwin (I unfortuantly
do not recall which, but it was at least a year old) when during the
"Installing" part of running Setup.exe a neat little window popped up
letting me know:

warning: deleting "C:\cygwin/usr/share/locale/cs/LC_TIME" so I can
make a directory there.

     Since "ok" was was the only option I was givin, I clicked on
"ok". Again, and again and again and again and again forever and ever
and ever, as this neat little box kept coming up to let me know that
the installer was going to delete this same file over and over (and I
did indeed verify that it was a file and not a directory via windows

     After restarting both the installer and my system several times
(choosing different mirrors each time), I decided to wipe cygwin from
the face of my computer via regedit and the wonderous WinXp Pro SP2
command prompt (del /S /F /Q c:\cygwin, del /S /F /Q e:\tmp\cygwin (my
chosen package directory)). I also deleted any traces of cygwin1.dll
(excepting the ones in VCDEasys directories).

     After this little song and dance I have technically made
progress. I now recieve the error, or warning rather:

warning: deleting "C:\cygwin/usr/share/local/da/LC_TIME" so I can make
a directory there.

     Delightful. At this rate I should have cygwin reinstalled after
another 60 install attempts, assuming I proceed at the rate of one or
two directories per del/install and that the error ever goes away.

     I have also tried a lot of googling, and a perusal of the mail
archives. To no avail. I have tried deleting this file via windows
explorer and emptying the recycle bin before clicking the little "ok"
button. Obviously that did nothing productive for me.

     So cygwin elite I leave you with this quandry:

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions/leads or RTFM's with
direction to the right FM to R,

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