recreate_mmaps_after_fork_failed errors post-11-30 snapshot

Van Sickle, Gary
Wed Dec 14 21:00:00 GMT 2005

> On Dec 14 12:41, Van Sickle, Gary wrote:
> > I'm getting a "recreate_mmaps_after_fork_failed" error on the 12-07
> > 12-13 snapshots on one particular machine at work.  That's pretty
> > all I get - rxvt dies immediately, and while I do get a bash prompt
> > using cmd.exe as my... ahem... "terminal"..., I can't run any
> > from it, not even cygcheck; I get the same error.  I've never
> > rebased anything ever, on any machine.  I don't know if this will
> > or not, but attached is a cygcheck of the 11-30 snapshot.  If it
> > be helpful I can reinstall 12-07 or 12-13, and get a cygcheck from a
> > non-cygwin cmd.exe.
> Wow, there's a detailed bug report.  Let's start where everyone should
> start:
> Corinna

OK, lessee what I missed:

"- Use a subject line that describes the issue well

Good examples:

"1.5.8: select bug (NT and 95)" [...]"

Guess we can add "recreate_mmaps_after_fork_failed errors post-11-30
snapshot" to that list.

"- When reporting problems, describe the problem rather than just
including your interpretation of the problem."

Me: "I'm getting a "recreate_mmaps_after_fork_failed" error on the 12-07
and 12-13 snapshots on one particular machine at work. [...] I can't run
any programs from [a cmd.exe+bash session], not even cygcheck; I get the
same error."

Looks like that's ok as well.

"- Run cygcheck -s -v -r > cygcheck.out and include that file as an
attachment in your report."

Done and done.  Well, the filename is different, though I doubt that
would throw anyone.

"- Do not assume that your problem is so trivial or so "well known" that
it does not require any details or background from you."

I don't believe I made any such assumption, and gave as much background
as I had to give.  Searching the archives indictated that this may be
related to rebase (and/or rebasing might fix it), hence the extra
background of "I've never rebased anything".  Said search also lead me
to believe that "recreate_mmaps_after_fork_failed" was not an unknown
error message; if that belief was in error, all apologies.

"- Try to confine your email to one problem per message."

I assume this is one problem, so we're OK there as well.

"- Reply to the email in the thread that you started [...]"

Well, I apologize that I'm breaking this one now, but it's unavoidable
seeing as I'm not subscribed to the list at work.

"- In your (detailed) description, show how to reproduce the problem."

Not really possible in this case; as indicated in the original problem
report, I've only seen it on one machine at work here so far.  I did
neglect to explicitly mention that on my home machine I've seen no such
errors, I figured that was implied by the phrase "

"- If you can't run cygcheck for some reason [...]"

N/A, since I can and did run it for the 11/30 snapshot.

"- Avoid the use of exclamation marks or multiple question marks [...]"

Used none of either.  Kind of getting in to some serious nitpicking here
though, don't you think?

"- Avoid personal details about why you need the problem rectified

Didn't even think to say anything of the kind, so we're still ok.

"- Avoid expressions of incredulity "I can't believe that this is so
broken!" or other editorializing. [...]"

Didn't do that either.  In fact, I didn't even make a sarcastic remark
to the effect of "Wow, there's a detailed error message."  Because that
would be just silly, not to mention counterproductive.

"- Minimize reporting that your problem "works fine" on some "other"
UNIX platform or used to work ok in a previous Cygwin release. [...]"

Well, didn't do the former, kinda had to do the latter since it's a
regression from a previous snapshot.  My understanding is that TPTB are
interested in regressions.

"- Keep in mind that there are over 1500 people on the mailing list. Try
to avoid "me too" responses [...]"

Kept in mind, not a "me too" AFAIK, though googling did return a number
of hits on this same error message spread over several months [q.v. my
mentioning of rebase above].

"- Send a patch to fix the problem if you can."

Well, on this one you got me.  Mea culpa if that's what you're referring

If not Corinna, please tell me what details I neglected to include via
my report and/or my attached cygcheck -srv.  Also helpful would be an
answer to my question as to if a cygcheck from a 12-7 or -13 snapshot
would be any more useful than the 11-30 one I sent.  And please hold the
sarcasm, I'm neither a mind reader nor am I in the mood to give and/or
receive any "editorializing".

Gary R. Van Sickle
Contract EE
Medtronic MRI DI/PE Team

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