Where is patch?

René Berber r.berber@computer.org
Wed Dec 14 21:15:00 GMT 2005

Lennart Borgman wrote:
> That is interesting. However my problem is with line endings. It turned
> out that the file to patch has CR-LF line endings (which is ok) and the
> patch file had LF line endings. This surprised me, I did not notice it
> first. In my opinion it should not have had that. It came from
> Thunderbird on MS Windows and I just pasted into a new file in Emacs.
> Then Emacs made the decision to save the file with LF line endings.

That's similar to the situation where I found that Cygwin's patch doesn't work,
the patch file had some ^M, the file to patch didn't and patch 2.5.8 fails where
version 2.5.4 works and the CR are not added to the patched file.

> There are two things I would like here:
> *** For patch: I would like it to discover that the line ending type of
> the patch file and the file to patch differ. I would then like patch to
> convert the line endings in the patch read from the patch file to that
> kind used in the file to patch. (It should not change the patch file of
> course.) That would be enough to solve my problem. However I would like
> such functionality to go into the main patch distribution if possible.
> That would save work I hope.

Try version 2.5.4 it probably works already.

> *** For Emacs: I would like the default on MS Windows to be CR-LF line
> endings. That would in my opinion be less surpricing for an MS Windows
> user.

There is no Windows standard, if you use Notepad you end with CR-LF endings, if
you use Wordpad you end with LF endings (or a mixture), in Word you can choose,
...  Emacs can be configured but that is the user option not a standard.

René Berber

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