PerlTK under Windows

Andrew DeFaria
Wed Dec 14 23:22:00 GMT 2005

Earlier I had asked about the PerlTk module in Cygwin's Perl. A 
discussion ensued and eventually the good folks here apparently fixed 
that package. In updating Cygwin today I noticed it and installed it. 
But I came to find out that PerlTk works only with an X server running. 
OK this makes sense in that the Cygwin guys have ported the Unix version 
of PerlTk therefore it's natural that it would require and X server.

However I'd like PerlTk to fall back to using Windows widgets much like 
rxvt will do a Windows window if there is no X server to connect to. I 
know that this is doable because I'm using ccperl (a Perl from 
IBM/Rational that comes with it's Clearcase product). It would be super 
cool if this worked. Just think, one would be able to easily write GUI 
apps from Perl to run natively on Windows...
Sometimes I think it's a shame when I get feelin' better when I'm 
feelin' no pain. - Gordon Lightfoot

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