Where is patch?

Lennart Borgman lennart.borgman.073@student.lu.se
Thu Dec 15 17:23:00 GMT 2005

Dave Korn wrote:

>>>>What do I need to be able to build patch 2.5.9 for Cygwin? I downloaded
>>>>gcc-core and make and some other things. 
>  OK, so what happens if you try a command like
>as -o /cygdrive/d/temp/foo.o < /dev/null
>or a command like
>touch /cygdrive/d/temp/ccXbQKlo.o
>    cheers,
>      DaveK
Thanks! There is a hit, I did not have "as" from Cygwin. Changed my path 
a bit. But how do I find "as"? I would get the package search as it is 
now is of no big use for such a name? ;-)

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