Where is patch?

Lennart Borgman lennart.borgman.073@student.lu.se
Thu Dec 15 20:16:00 GMT 2005

Dave Korn wrote:

>  Hooray!
Thanks ;-)

>1) You didn't say if you've run "make install" yet though, you should do that
>rather than attempting to manually copy all the files to their correct
I tried a just to copy patch.exe. Then I saw this that I just wish I did 
not. Here is a copy and paste from my screen output (a bit truncated):

 >>>>>> from my screen >>>>>>>>>
/cygdrive/d/dl/gnu/patch-2.5.9 > ./patch.exe --version
patch 2.5.9
/cygdrive/d/dl/gnu/patch-2.5.9 > cp patch.exe /usr/local/bin/
/cygdrive/d/dl/gnu/patch-2.5.9 > /usr/local/bin/patch.exe --version
patch 2.5.9
/cygdrive/d/dl/gnu/patch-2.5.9 > cd ..
/cygdrive/d/dl/gnu > which patch
/cygdrive/d/dl/gnu > patch --version
patch 2.5.8
/cygdrive/d/dl/gnu > patch.exe --version
patch 2.5.9

After a while it reported 2.5.9. I am not sure about the reason. I 
started another copy of Cygwin in another window. I also changed PATH, 
but I am not sure in which order now.

I am starting Cygwin in a cmd.ex console window.

Is this behaviour known? Should it be like this? Or is there perhaps 
something wrong with my pc?

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