STDOUT of non cygwin command lost - prob started after late Oct snapshot

Tom Rodman
Fri Dec 16 15:34:00 GMT 2005

<just an FYI, not much detail now, no response requested>

I have a problem with the latest snapshots. The last working snapshot
was 20051029 16:39:28. I did not keep up with the snapshots, so I don't know
which later one first broke it.

The problem: a bash script runs "cmd /c foo.cmd". "foo.cmd" eventually
starts a session in a Telelogic CM database, and echos out the address
of the session (a string of ~20 chars) to STDOUT. The session starts
just fine, but the echo of the address string is lost (I'm
capturing STDOUT and STDERR and get nothing).

I'm trying to create a simple test case, but will not be able to finish
it for a few days; at that time I will followup later with a post that
follows the problem reporting guidelines.

Tom Rodman

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