new to cygwin

Andrew DeFaria
Sun Dec 18 22:37:00 GMT 2005

Luke Vanderfluit wrote:

> Hi.
> I'm new to cygwin.
> I have a few questions to start with.
> Can I change the font in the default command shell window?

The default command shell window is nothing more than the same default 
window you get with Start: Run: Cmd and is changed the same way.

> How do I find out which fonts are available under cygwin (eg. I'd like 
> to change the fonts that I use in vi)

The fonts that are available to Windows are available to any 
applications under Windows including Cygwin. Note, however, that the 
default window (i.e. the same default window for cmd) limits those fonts 
to only a select few. You might want to look into rxvt (and install it 
if you hadn't before). Rxvt is a terminal emulator window that can work 
both under a X server and just under Windows without an X server and 
supports -fn as well as numerous other X like ways of specifying fonts.

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