setup/symlinks/gcc/chown question

Corinna Vinschen
Mon Dec 19 12:12:00 GMT 2005

On Dec 18 15:51, Karl M wrote:
> Hi All...
> It appears to be file permissions related. The link being broken looks like 
> it is because the read only bit on the shortcut file (the .lnk file) is 
> getting turned off. Even though this first getfacl shows write access, the 
> read only box in the windows properties is checked. after the chown -h the 
> windows properties box says not a valid link. After the chmod -R 755, the 
> windows properties shows it as a valid shortcut, but the read only box is 
> unchecked. After a chmod -R 555, the read only box is checked and Cygwin 
> thinks it is a symlink again.
> [...]

Still, I can't reproduce this.  I tried all variations I could think of,
but I couldn't break the symlink using Cygwin coreutils chmod and chown
tools.  The only way I was able to break the symlink was by using the
native Windows tool "attrib" to reset the readonly bit.

Are you sure you're using Cygwin's chmod/chown?  Did you try to run them
under strace and see what happens?


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