bug with Cygwin - "ls .." within a link (directory)

Robert Body rbody99@hotmail.com
Tue Dec 20 03:00:00 GMT 2005

Here is a bug with cygwin: "r" is a link to "/cygdrive/c/robertbody" and 
when I go into the link named "r" and I do "ls .." it is incorrect, and 
inconsistent with "cd ..; ls",
because in fact Cygwin is mishandling the link...... inconsistently with any 

On another note,
I reported a bug with "type ahead" while running a script (within a script 
within a script), and nobody wrote that they will take action, or to confirm 
it, so i wrote to Corinna directly, because it doesn't look like all the bug 
reports are properly addressed.

/home/Owner> cd r
/home/Owner/r> pwd
/home/Owner/r> ls ..
1.bmp                   EPSONREG          System Volume Information  
icewm-fix.txt         robert2
/home/Owner/r> cd ..
/home/Owner> ls
0                 Desktop         Recent      cc  f7     games-work  hiya07  
  r     utils
1                 Favorites       Start Menu  f0  f77    hi          hiya207 
  save  xpenguins.exe
Application Data  Local Settings  bin         f1  f9     hiSQL01     linux   
  t     zioio
Cookies           My Documents    c           f2  games  hiSQL02     my.tgz  

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