1.5.18: .bash_profile not being invoked

Larry Hall (Cygwin) reply-to-list-only-lh@cygwin.com
Wed Dec 21 00:43:00 GMT 2005

Farhad Tahmasebi wrote:
> OK.  How do you determine that ~/.bash_profile isn't being run?  Is it
> run when you type 'bash -l' on the command line?  If so, you need to check
> how you're starting bash to begin with.  If not, you need to determine what
> bash thinks is your home and whether you have proper permissions.
> I'm setting PATH, CDPATH, $PWD, and a few aliases. When I source (or .) 
> ~/.bash_profile, I get everything. Runnig "bash -l" also works (see below)
> $ bash -l
> /farhad>

Well your '/etc/passwd' doesn't agree with the directory you set your
HOME environment variable to.  If running "bash -l" works, that means
that either you aren't running "cygwin.bat" or it's equivalent to start
the bash shell that you're having problems with or that you're setting
HOME in a bash script that you're sourcing along the way.  Either set
HOME in your Windows environment, change '/etc/passwd' to point to your
preferred home directory (via editing or 'mkpasswd'), or use "cygwin.bat"
or comparable way to start your initial bash shell.

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