Help:Can not edit crontab becuase of vi not found

Brian Dessent
Thu Dec 29 23:57:00 GMT 2005

lin q wrote:

> "ls -l /usr/bin/vi" says 'ls: File or directory "/usr/bin/vi" is not found'.

I'm beginning to suspect that the 'ls' and/or 'crontab' that you are
using are not from Cygwin.  ls should say "ls: /usr/bin/vi: No such file
or directory."  If it is really saying what you have above then you
either didn't paste the exact error message (not a good idea) or you're
using some non-Cygwin version of ls.  A non-Cygwin version of ls would
indeed have no idea what /usr/bin is since "/usr/bin" is completely a
Cygwin invention.

What do "type ls" and "type crontab" say?

> You mentioned runing cygcheck, I did that, "cygcheck -sv /usr/bin/vi", it
> returns "C:/cygwin/bin/vi - os=45841.30695 img=60008.34 sys=46070.30695" and
> a lot of other system information.
> I am not sure what I am supposed to check, could you elaborate on that?

As described at <>, the desired output is
"cygcheck -svr", sent as an attachment.

> I run "man crontab", it says manpage is not installed.

Then either you are using a non-Cygwin version of cron or you have some
serious installation problem.  Cygcheck should help diagnose this.

> Is VISUAL a program?

No, it's an environment variable, as in "VISUAL=/bin/vim crontab -e".


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