rsync over ssh hang issue understood

Corinna Vinschen
Sat Dec 31 10:17:00 GMT 2005

On Dec 30 17:23, Brett Serkez wrote:
> After running into the hang trying to use rsync over ssh on Cygwin,
> reported on this mailing list, but with no resolution other than use of
> daemon mode, I tracked down the problem.  I have rsync working over ssh
> on Cygwin.

Me too.  I'm using the standard version of rsync, so I guess the
socketpair call is still in use.

> The hang is occuring when rsync is attempting to exchange protocol
> version numbers, it writes its version and then hangs waiting endlessly
> for a reply.  The ssh process is detached, and apparently not diretly
> connected to rsync, as it is an orphan, owned by process 1.  The ssh

Not on my machine.  ssh is a child process of rsync.

For tracking down, I would have wished to see that we could get a 
*reproducible* testcase in which rsync over ssh hangs, to have
a chance to track down a potential problem in the Cygwin DLL which
might cause this.  Even more welcome would be somebody who actually
debugs this situation inside of the Cygwin DLL, but that's becoming
more and more a futile dream.


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