sshd_conf and local groups

Wes S
Sat Dec 31 23:05:00 GMT 2005

I'm trying to lock down ssh access.  I use exim for a mail server so 
I have a bunch of accounts on my w2k box.  I don't want most to be 
able to use ssh.

So reading the man file for sshd_config I added to the following 
entry to sshd_config:

#wrs 20051231 restrict email only nt accounts from ssh
AllowGroups ssh_allow

I added a local group using administration / computer management

I imported into my /etc/group file:

Windows shows it as:
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>net localgroup

Aliases for \\BAREFOOT

*Administrators           *Backup Operators         *Guests
*Power Users              *Replicator               *ssh_allow
*Test                     *Users
The command completed successfully.

Attempting to ssh into my pc:
Administrator@barefoot ~
$ ssh -l administrator
administrator@'s password:
Permission denied, please try again.
administrator@'s password:

Commenting out AllowGroups ssh_allow and restarting sshd lets me log 
in just fine.

A clue would be welcome.  The install was updated after I ran into 
these problems at 14:30 Eastern today.

Thanks in advance,

Wes S

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