Drop Win9x support? (was: Serious performance problems)

Gerrit P. Haase gerrit@familiehaase.de
Thu Jun 2 22:33:00 GMT 2005

Terry Dabbs wrote:

> No!
> I am supporting applications requiring cygwin on '95 and '98 that are
> not going away anytime soon.

I have not seen any Win98/ME PC since about 5 years, we're using NT all
over the place.  As I started to work in this business NT4 was current,
then W2K came up, now every new box is delivered with XP, all NT based
systems.  I cannot imagine why someone with a PC not older than 5 years
doesn't want to spend 100$ to buy an XP license.  It should always be
possible to run every Win98/ME binary on XP.  I was able to run some
old PC Games on XP which I couldn't run for about 5 years because the
lack of Win98 in my location.  The XP system supports running those old
binaries.  And if you really need Cygwin for Win98, you may use 1.5.x
forever.  As I have heard, there are still people out there who are
running NT4 Server, for about ten years now, using Cygwin B20 since
1999;)  It is fitting their needs, so why should they upgrade?


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