Serious performance problems (malloc related?)

Linda W
Fri Jun 3 00:31:00 GMT 2005

Might it be possible to build 2 versions and have the package
dynamically install the correct version?

On the other hand, instead of "if (win98)..." one could have a
cygwin1.dll that chooses a 2nd library to load and all entry points are
either runtime indirect calls into the 2nd library (cygwin_NT,
cygwin_nont).  The user could optimize by manually running a script that
copied the OS specific library in place of cygwin1.dll and setting a
flag in an /etc/sysconfig/libpref file so future updates of the library
could automatically install the OS-specific version when updating
the library.  To keep the option of what OS to use open, the "pointer-lib"
could be renamed to cygwin1_wrapper.dll when not used as the default.

BTW -- what % of users are still on win9x/me?  Is there any obsolescence
plan (not that I am pushing for such!)...

Just some ideas to mull around if a leaner memory footprint became
something of a priority...


Christopher Faylor wrote:

>OTOH, Corinna is hard at work adding low-level Nt* calls to cygwin so,
>if it wasn't for the requirement that everything has to work on Windows
>9x, the DLL would be smaller and faster.  Instead, every system call
>currently needs to have a "do this if it's NT and that if it's 9x" test
>so "we" have been slow in moving to bypass the win32 api layer on
>Windows NT.
>OTOH, we will rebuild it.  We do have the technology.
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