performance problems

Linda W
Fri Jun 3 00:54:00 GMT 2005

I know, but truthfully, you are taking my response a bit out of context.

I was responding, specifically to CFG's message:

Christopher Faylor wrote:
 > Yep.  This is pretty much what I expected.  Now we'll see a stream of
 > people commenting on slowness and speculating on the cause without
 > spending any time to actually figure out what the cause might be.
 > Think of what a hero you'll be if you figure out a way to improve
 > cygwin's "slowness".

	Not everyone can do all things.  I didn't "speculate" on the cause, I
noticed multiple opens for a program that really only needs stat/lstat I believe.

	Hero's can come up with ideas, but may not be the best people to
actually execute the plan or idea.  Some people are hero's because of a
reputation of excellent execution.  Some smaller number of people can do both.
I've found that while I can often come up with innovative ideas, I get
more bogged down in details when it comes to programming than _some_
consider beneficial.

	It's been a while, but if I remember, I tried building it both
under cygwin(XP) & tried cross-compiling under linux (preferred, as my linux
box is 3-5x faster).  Perhaps using SuSE (9.1) as my distro causes problem
as cygwin was originally a Redhat effort?

	I'm perfectly willing to try again, but I didn't want to bother
developers about questions they might consider "obvious", and I should go
read some obscure text (I did try to follow build instructions, but don't
remember if I ever ended up with anything useful).  I know the FAQ has
a rebuild under NT seection, is cygwin buildable on a linux system? :-)

	Thanks for the helpful pointers...:-)


Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> <>.  <>.
> 	Igor

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