Serious performance problems (malloc related?)

Williams, Gerald S (Jerry)
Fri Jun 3 14:47:00 GMT 2005

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> Keith, you don't have a complete reference for the Nt functions do

Keith Moore wrote:
> So, unfortunately, I don't have a complete reference, but there are
> enough "islands of information" around for us to piece together
> everything we need. 

Have you looked at ReactOS ( They're doing a
Windows NT port from scratch. It's not quite the source to Windows,
but it's a valiant attempt to duplicate it. I've sometimes found it
useful for finding out about some of the more obscure interfaces or
for understanding the behavior of the documented ones.

Of course, I'd still start at (and probably
some of the well known "Undocumented Windows" sources) first.


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