OpenSSH starting, but not listening...

Thorsten Kampe
Sun Jun 5 20:17:00 GMT 2005

* Sawyer, Christopher (2005-06-05 18:13 +0100)

You could improve on the length of your lines. You definetely *should*
improve on that.

> I've installed the latest from <file://>

file:// No.

>  on my Windows 2003 server.  I configure it as stating in various configuration docs.

Aaah, those "configuration docs". You know them. We all know them.

But to be serious: the only relevant "configuration doc" is
/usr/share/doc/Cygwin/openssh.README. If you used something different:
uninstall, reinstall - as you won't get any help on this list.

> If I start the service from the shell directly, it works and listens [...]
> $ /usr/sbin/sshd -ddd 
> debug2: load_server_config: filename /etc/sshd_config 
> [...]

Do you think there is any sense in sending debug information for a
session /that works/? Why didnt't you send those for the sshd in
service mode?! FYI: sshd logs to /var/log and to the Event Viewer.


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