Problem with pthreads (serious memory leaks)

Christopher Faylor
Mon Jun 6 01:33:00 GMT 2005

On Mon, Jun 06, 2005 at 12:37:14AM +0000, Arash Partow wrote:
>I'm encountering some memory leaks when using pthreads under cygwin.
>As usual the code has been compiled/run on other *nixes (openbsd3.7,
>netbsd2.0 and mandrake10.1) and the leak does not seem to occur.
>The system specs are as follows:
>1.) gcc 3.3.3
>2.) cygwin dll, snapshots as of:
>   3/6, 1/6, 28/5, 24/5
>   (all produce the same result - haven't test earlier version to
>   see where the break comes from.)
>3.) WinXP Pro SP2 and WinXP Pro 64 SP1
>4.) Dual AMD 64 4k
>5.) 4 gig RAM
>Example code can be found here:
>To make and run do the following
>make all
>using taskmanager or sysinternals or taskinfo one can see that
>there is a huge amount of memory being leaked within cygwin1.dll

How would you come to the conclusion that something is being "leaked"?

>the other examples demonstrate the same effect but much quicker.
>any ideas on whats going on?

You'll probably going to have to:

1) Use precise language to describe your problem.

2) Produce a simple(r) test case which demonstrates it.

...if you truly want this fixed.  Perhaps I'm wrong, but I don't think
that anyone is going to want to debug a large application to figure out
what or if the problem is.


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