print problem

J. David Boyd
Mon Jun 6 16:33:00 GMT 2005

Corinna Vinschen <> wrote in 

> On Jun  6 15:32, J. David Boyd wrote:
>> I'm using the latest cywin, and running under WinXP SP2.
>> What docs do I look in to set this up so I can print a window 
>> to my HP Laserjet?
>> I've found various things, such as exporting 
>> PRINTER to my printer path, etc, but no go.
> That's a bug introduced in 1.5.17 *again*.  Try the most recent
> snapshot from
> Corinna

I got the lastest snapshot, dumped it all into /, overwriting 
what was there, but I see no changes in printing. 

Where are the docs on this?  

What I'm doing is ctrl-leftclick in the window, and then 
select Print Window.  I read somewhere, I believe, that I 
needed to have my PRINTER environent var set to point to my 
printer on the network.  I'd like to validate my assumptions, 
by reading the correct docs on this. 



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