Drop Win9x support? (was: Serious performance problems)

Jacek Piskozub piskozub@iopan.gda.pl
Tue Jun 7 06:44:00 GMT 2005

Christopher Faylor <cgf-no-personal-reply-please at cygwin dot com> wrote:

>I guess eventually all of those old Win9x systems will have to stop
>working and people will have to buy new XP systems.  Who knows when
>that will happen, though?

Correction. Some of us will migrate directly to Linux. I personally use 
WindowsME for the win32 programs I cannot (yet) run with wine and Linux 
for the rest of the stuff. I plane no upgrade to Windows XP (Longhorn 
or whatever comes next from the Dark Lords)...


"Microsoft tried to create products that even a fool could use, but they ended up with something that only a fool would want to use."
             F.W. van Wensveen, 2004

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