SSHD + mounted drives not working/seen ?

Matthew Hall
Tue Jun 7 17:50:00 GMT 2005

> >Hummingbird9 + Win2K + NFS shares works beautifully, FYI. I don't
> >have any of the problems mentioned in the cygwin FAQ re: accessing
> >network shares from inside a ssh session.
> OK, so then what was the point of this thread again?  I've read it through
> again from the beginning and I still can't figure out what, if anything,
> was the real problem that prompted you to post originally.

I thought it might be something different cygwin was doing - plus
the only difference was whether or not I was in a ssh session if
I could view the shares or not. A handy link to the FAQ was provided,
thus showing me the /expected/ behaviour - which wasn't the behaviour
I was expecting.

H9+Win2K+cygwin+sshd == visible network shares in a ssh session
H9+WinXP+cygwin+sshd == no visible network shares in a ssh session

I'll let this thread die, I just wish I had more clues as to why
it's behaving different.

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