SSHD + mounted drives not working/seen ?

Larry Hall
Tue Jun 7 18:36:00 GMT 2005

At 01:50 PM 6/7/2005, you wrote:

>> >Hummingbird9 + Win2K + NFS shares works beautifully, FYI. I don't
>> >have any of the problems mentioned in the cygwin FAQ re: accessing
>> >network shares from inside a ssh session.
>> OK, so then what was the point of this thread again?  I've read it through
>> again from the beginning and I still can't figure out what, if anything,
>> was the real problem that prompted you to post originally.
>I thought it might be something different cygwin was doing - plus
>the only difference was whether or not I was in a ssh session if
>I could view the shares or not. A handy link to the FAQ was provided,
>thus showing me the /expected/ behaviour - which wasn't the behaviour
>I was expecting.
>H9+Win2K+cygwin+sshd == visible network shares in a ssh session
>H9+WinXP+cygwin+sshd == no visible network shares in a ssh session
>I'll let this thread die, I just wish I had more clues as to why
>it's behaving different.

Forgive me.  I'm full of cough syrup and misread your last post.  I 
see that you were saying it works fine with W2K and not XP.  For some
reason I read that as it works fine with XP now.  My apologies.

There's nothing inherently different going on for pubkey authentication 
under XP vs W2K.  Why the Hummingbird NFS shares show up at all in the 
W2K case is indeed a mystery.  For sshd run as a service via the SYSTEM
user, as far as Windows authentication is concerned, SYSTEM is the current
user for the ssh session.  SYSTEM does not have access to restricted shares
so in general, you shouldn't be able to see them in the ssh session.  If
you can see NFS shares but not Windows (SAMBA) restricted shares on Win2K, 
then this sounds like a Hummingbird thing to me.  In that case, as I 
mentioned before, I'd recommend you talk to Hummingbird.  If you can see 
Windows shares there, that's a different story.  If the problem is the 
former, then too much discussion of it on this list is off-topic (though
we're certainly interested in hearing the results and/or solutions).  The
talk list is a place where those interested could continue to discuss it,
though I expect discussion isn't what's needed. ;-)  If the problem is 
actually the latter, well then that's on-topic here since it involves 
Cygwin and Windows, which everybody here has.


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