Cross compiling cygwin...

Linda W
Tue Jun 7 19:31:00 GMT 2005

A working cross compiler?  Perhaps that is part of the non-straightforward
problem.  Have to build non-standard compiler and whatever other tools
are that need to be created especially for such an environment.  This is
what I was referring to when I said that I always seemed to be missing
one tool or another that are "obvious" to people who already have them
setup.  I guess I somehow thought that since both were x86 based, there
might be some switch tools to produce different obj/executable formats.
A bit naive I suppose...

It'd be nice if this process was also in the FAQ...

Brian Dessent wrote:

>Linda W wrote:
>>        Not everyone can do all things.  I didn't "speculate" on the cause, I
>>noticed multiple opens for a program that really only needs stat/lstat I believe.
>In order to implement stat(), cygwin has to call NtQueryInformationFile
>(GetFileInformationByHandle for 9x/me) and this requires the file to be
>opened.  Thus the reason that stat takes forever is that each file has
>to be opened, and this is expensive.  I think Cygwin can take several
>shortcuts if it knows that not all the stat information is needed (for
>example, if it doesn't care if the file is executable or if it has been
>told that all files in the directory are to be treated as executable)
>but in most cases the file still has to be opened.
>>        It's been a while, but if I remember, I tried building it both
>>under cygwin(XP) & tried cross-compiling under linux (preferred, as my linux
>>box is 3-5x faster).  Perhaps using SuSE (9.1) as my distro causes problem
>>as cygwin was originally a Redhat effort?
>Why would the distro matter?  All you really need is a working cross
>compiler, and the regular build tools (autoconf, automake, perl, awk,
>make.)  It's all standard stuff and nothing is redhat-specific.  I build
>under a Debian linux system often and it works fine.  The guide to
>building a cross compiler in the X users guide is a good source of
>instructions.  Note that if you don't also have a mingw cross compiler
>you won't be able to build from the toplevel build directory, because
>this by default builds all the w32api import libs etc. and this calls
>gcc with -mno-cygwin.  You can easily sidestep this requirement by
>building in i686-pc-cygwin/winsup/cygwin (or ../utils) instead of the
>toplevel build dir.
>>remember if I ever ended up with anything useful).  I know the FAQ has
>>a rebuild under NT seection, is cygwin buildable on a linux system? :-)
>I think you will find that the cygwin DLL (and most of the base system)
>you are using now was probably cross-compiled.
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