how2 set PATH for noninteractive restricted rbash shell?

Tom Rodman
Tue Jun 7 20:10:00 GMT 2005

<I'm running 1.5.17, if appropriate pls forward to the bash maintainer>

I want to be able to run a noninteractive command like

  ssh somecommand

where user "joedoe" has /bin/rbash in /etc/passwd for a shell.  

  How do I restrict the PATH that is seen for the above ssh session?

I have tried changing and exporting PATH in ~joedoe/.bashrc but this
file is not read by prior to running "somecommand" above.

As a workaround I'm thinking of writing small c program wrapper
shell that does a "setenv" to set the path prior to calling rbash.

Sorry for the terse problem description, I know I'm rushing a bit..

Tom Rodman

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