Login & Something diff since cygwin 1.5.15-1 release - could it be security changes that were made

Brian Keener bkeenerReMoVeAnTiSpAm@thesoftwaresource.com
Tue Jun 7 20:14:00 GMT 2005

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > digging it looks like - I updated to 1.5.17, removed my passwd and group file 
> > and rebuilt using: 
> > 
> > mkgroup -l >/etc/group mkpasswd -l -p "/$HOME" >/etc/passwd 
> > 
> > still won't login.  Then I rebuilt them with 
> > 
> > mkgroup -d >/etc/group mkpasswd -d -p "/$HOME" >/etc/passwd 
> Woops.  Are you using domain accounts or local accounts?  The group

I was actually setup for locals account and merely tried recreating the group and 
password files in local and domain mode under 1.5.17 to see if it made any 
difference with either set.

> an you please revert to 1.5.14, call `strace -o log.out login briank', 
> login, and send the log.out file to this list?  

I have attached the log (log14.out).  Just in case I did this for 1.5.17 as well 
just in case it would be helpful (log17.out).  This login is using the passwd and 
group file I made above using the -l option.  When I made the 1.5.14 log I was 
able to control-C to terminate the strace but on the 1.5.17 version I had to force 
the window to close.

Thanks for your assistance


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