csrss.exe + cygwin processes hogging cpu

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Tue Jun 7 22:55:00 GMT 2005

botham wrote:

>  From time to time I get 100% cpu usage with the cpu taken by csrss.exe
> and some cygwin processes (typically it is xinetd, init, etc.)  I can't
> pinpoint what triggers it, but it has been happening since about 6-8 weeks?

If you use process explorer to view the threads of a cygwin process, you
get that result.  At some point in time, other functionality of that
program (i.e. viewing handles) also caused it.

> I am already on the latest drop of everything, here is the cygcheck -s
> output.

In the future, please attach the output instead of just pasting it
inline.  It causes the archives to be much cleaner.


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