cygwin 1.5.17-1: apache and rebaseall

Brian Dessent
Tue Jun 7 23:22:00 GMT 2005

Joel Denny wrote:

> In trying to figure out why no one responded on this, I looked back
> through the mailing list to see if I missed something.  I decided maybe it
> was the fact that I didn't mention running apache using cygrunsrv.

If no one responds then that usually means no one knows the answer.  :(

The problem you are having ("*** unable to remap...") means that you
need to run rebaseall.  You've obviously done that, and found that the
apache executable seems to be non-functional after doing this.  That is
the actual problem that you are having - the part about cygrunsrv
doesn't matter.

The sad fact is that it has been reported before that rebaseall seems to
render the current apache package broken, so I guess you can take solace
with the fact that you're not alone.  At this point, it's something that
either the apache maintainer or the rebase maintainer will have to look
into.  Unfortunately, the former is nearly non-existent on the mailing
lists, a fact which has plagued the Apache packages for a long time.  On
the other hand, Jason Tishler (rebase maintainer) is very good about
supporting his packages, and might be able to shed some light on the

You might try manually rebasing just the module DLLs.  (First, make sure
you reinstall the Apache package so that you start with a clean slate
with default base addresses.)  Then try something like "rebase -v -d -b
0x70000000 -o 0x10000 /lib/apache/*.dll".  However, if you already have
other system DLLs that have been rebased, this will probably cause them
to clash, since the default action of rebaseall is to move everything
into the 0x70000000 range.  You can use a program like sysinternals
process explorer to see the memory layout of the process and determine
where things are being loaded, and pick a base address for the module
DLLs that will cause them to not have to be moved at runtime.


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