PTHREAD_MUTEX_DEFAULT different for cygwin v.s. linux.

Larry Hall
Thu Jun 9 06:29:00 GMT 2005

At 05:59 PM 6/8/2005, you wrote:
>I can't seem to build the cygwin1.dll so I could replace it (are there any instructions on how to create an identical copy to the release?  I didn't see any on the FAQ, and ./configure;make generates a file 8x larger, 

Sounds OK to me.  Try stripping it.

>and it complained about something with the address).

Yes, Cygwin doesn't like addresses.  It prefers locales of enumeration.
It's a subtle difference but very important to Cygwin.  We've tried for
years to make it switch to using addresses but it's just stubborn.  We've
tried everything.  Locking it in it's room.  Sending it to bed without any
supper.  Even boot camps.  Nothing worked.  At this point, we've just 
given up on it.

Perhaps it's best if you just tell us what the actual error message was
and when it happened.  We may not be good at curing Cygwin of it's stubborn
ways but after all these years, there are some people on this list that are
good at deciphering it's "moods".

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