Subversion perl bindings - where do they live?

Andrew McClure
Thu Jun 9 07:35:00 GMT 2005


I have perl, swig, subversion and subversion-dev installed via cygwin.

I am finding that I need to use some very simple subversion client  
capabilities from inside of a perl script.

Looking around on google I see multiple references to subversion perl  
bindings existing as part of the subversion main package, and one  
mailing list post from some time ago saying they hoped to have the  
perl bindings in subversion soon.

Looking some further I find that the Subversion documentation  
includes a section named "using languages other than C++":

Which describes the SWIG bindings used by perl as being located "in  
subversion/bindings/swig", and gives some python examples of how the  
bindings should be used.

Unfortunately no such directory as "subversion/bindings/swig" appears  
to exist on my system as far as I can tell. (I also am not quite sure  
of how the python bindings would translate to perl (would "from svn  
import fs" become "use SVN::fs"? or what?) but that's something of a  
secondary concern at this point.)

So my questions are:

1. Where exactly on my system, or in what as-yet-uninstalled cygwin  
package, would I find the subversion swig bindings, assuming Cygwin  
installs them? (And are there any perl examples of using said  
subversion swig bindings anywhere?)

2. If Cygwin does not install the Subversion perl bindings, then does  
anyone know, what must I do to get them in place? Can I install them  
independently of subversion itself? Do I need to reinstall the entire  
subversion client from source? Do I need to uninstall cygwin's  
subversion package before I install my own?

Thanks much, I appreciate it.

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