cygwin.bat fails with "WFMO failed waiting for cygthread 'WnetGetResourceInformation'

Corinna Vinschen
Thu Jun 9 09:12:00 GMT 2005

On Jun  8 11:01, Tim Hart wrote:
> On Jun  7 19:06, Tim Hart wrote:
> >> having the same home directory path. I can use a few pattern matching tools
> >> to filter out the appropriate domain users and modify /etc/passwd
> >> accordingly. Obviously mkpasswd needs to be updated in order to produce
> >> correct home directory entries (possibly a unique format for Windows XP?).
> >The information returned by Windows is used unchanged.  There should be
> >no need for some special handling.
> In this case mkpasswd isn't using any information returned by Windows other than the homeroot
> prefix.
> The full command ( for reference ), is
> mkpasswd -d -l -p "$(cygpath -H)" > /etc/passwd
> mkpasswd -d -l is returning information on two different users: the local TJHart and

The -p option overwrites any directories returned by Windows.  mkpasswd
has no intelligence built in.  It just appends the user name to the
path given by -p, nothing else.  If you leave out the -p option you'll
get the home directory return by the Windows function NetUserEnum.  If
there hasn't been stored any homedir in the SAM, you get /home/username.
If the NetUserEnum function doesn't return the correct path, there's
no way to get what you want which I'm aware of.  I don't know how NT
generates different paths for the same user name in different Domains.

If you need a more complex layout, either manipulate the resulting passwd
file by hand or consider to write a patch to mkpasswd.  You know, and ;-)


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