Error piping data through a cygwin command using rsh (write system call fails)

Corinna Vinschen
Thu Jun 9 12:34:00 GMT 2005

On Jun  8 14:44, Johnny B. Goode wrote:
> We're using a windows 2000 based server running cygwin as a development 
> environment for porting our AIX-based software to the Windows platform.
> When we extract the compiled programs, we connect to the cygwin server 
> using rsh, passing a file list as input, returning a gzip'ed CPIO archive 
> as output using a command like:
> 	cat filelist | rsh cygserver -l logname "cd /directory ; cpio -oc | 
> 	gzip" > output.cpio.gz
> This is executed from an AIX server (running AIX 5.3), effectively packing 
> files from the filelist in a CGZ-archive that ends up back on the AIX 
> server. The problem is, however, that gzip on the cygwin server terminates 
> prematurely with the error "gzip: stdout: Invalid argument".

Did you try gzip -c ?


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