PTHREAD_MUTEX_DEFAULT different for cygwin v.s. linux.

Christopher Faylor
Thu Jun 9 16:19:00 GMT 2005

On Thu, Jun 09, 2005 at 11:16:42AM -0400, Thomas E. Zerucha wrote:
>>From:	Larry Hall []
>>>I can't seem to build the cygwin1.dll ...
>>Sounds OK to me.  Try stripping it.
>Been there, tried that..
>>>[built from source] and it complained about something with the address).
>> Perhaps it's best if you just tell us what the actual error message was
>and when it happened.
>First, note I used setup to update to the "current" versions of
>everything, apparently 1.5.17-1 (reported by cygcheck, and the source
>tarball).  I also have to do rebaseall since I use KDE.
>OK, I did ./configure;make;make install...
>29716 [main] ?  4056 multiple_cygwin_problem: cygheap base magic number
>mismatch detected - 0x61820000/0x0

This may be due to a problem with binutils-20050520-1 and cygwin.  The
CVS/snapshot version of cygwin has improvements to cygwin's cygheap
handling which work better with newer binutils.

See the "Snapshots" and "Source in CVS" links on the main cygwin page if
you want to try either of these two methods.  Note that I've already
made the change for PTHREAD_MUTEX_DEFAULT in the latest CVS and this
version of cygwin is available as a snapshot.


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