passwd & group file problems ?

Roy Wiseman
Thu Jun 9 21:31:00 GMT 2005

thanks Igor, and also Dave, I totally appreciate both
of your time on this
(can't say I liked the insult much Dave, but my
mistake was accidental you know. Maybe it's a Scottish
thing that we treat people with respect until they
disrespect us, I guess we don't think we should have
to put up with insults from anyone, ... we're stubborn
that way !).

I'll work through your explanations tomorrow Igor. I
had no idea there was so much going on under cygwin, I
kind of assumed that the bunch-of-files and
configuration information sat in the cygwin folder,
until at runtime when the bash shell was invoked, the
cygwin dll somehow bound all the files together into a
workable system at that point. clearly a lot more
going on there, but very interesting to see how it all
works together.



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