automatic generation of resolv.conf

Brian Dessent
Thu Jun 9 22:27:00 GMT 2005

Ross Boulet wrote:

> I recently downloaded and compiled dig from the bind
> website.  When I tried to run it, it wouldn't work unless I
> specified the DNS server on the command line.  Looking at
> the man page on a Linux box, I saw a reference to
> resolv.conf (which is obviously not present by default in
> Windoze.  Creating a resolv.conf with my ISP's name servers
> in it fixed the issue.
> I saw some posts from a while back where someone was
> thinking about a utility to create the resolv.conf file for
> some other application that was expecting its presence.
> Does anyone know if this ever got further than the idea
> phase?  I use a laptop in a lot of different places and the
> name servers vary from place to place, depending on the ISP.
> I could just hard code the resolv.conf, but it would be
> helpful to see the data my clients are seeing without having
> to redo resolv.conf each time.

I know that this does not directly answer your question, but if you use
the win32 port of dig (straight from you do not need any such
resolv.conf, it gets the nameservers from the Windows configuration.

Since that functionality already exists, your best bet would be to
either a) use the win32 port b) patch dig to include that functionality
when compiling with Cygwin.


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