passwd & group file problems ?

Roy Wiseman
Fri Jun 10 09:39:00 GMT 2005

Hi Igor,

>>> Also, as your cygcheck output shows, you are in a
domain.  It's quite possible that the domain
controller really is taking more than 30 minutes to
return the set of users and groups (for large

Yes, as you say, I can see the output from tee and it
shows that this will take forever (there are 10's of
thousands of users in this domain, and after 15
minutes, it resolved 50 or 60 user, ... so this way
madness lies).

But this raises a question : on a normal install of
cygwin, it does not take 14 days to install cygwin,
but if the setup program is also generating a mkpasswd
-d then it would also take this time. How is setup
doing things differently so that it creates
/etc/passwd and /etc/group in a few seconds instead of
a few weeks ?

>>> mkpasswd -d -l | tee /etc/passwd

net user nlwiso as far as I know doesn't tell anything
about AD group membership etc. but I'm in a lot of
groups, it's a massive corporate network, so the
mkpasswd is slow ...

>>> Perhaps the "local domain" (i.e., the current
computer) isn't handled in the same way.

yep, that is the case in domains.

>>> See <>.

ok, this is very useful.

>>> The commands you quoted will have destroyed your
/etc/passwd completely. Try re-running the commands I
gave you.

>>> Did you run "mkpasswd -c -l", like I told you?

yep, do you mean -c or -d here ? I've done both, -d is
taking forever to resolve, -c does resolve, but I
still get the same incorrect logon when i do -c with
mkpasswd and mkgroup.

the commands are running, and I see how things should
go I think, but i'm still left wondering, how can
setup.exe do in 1 minute what mkpasswd -d -l >
/etc/passwd is looking to take days or weeks to
complete (there seriously are 10's of thousands of
users on that emea domain so it would take forever at
the speed I was seeing) ?



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