apache start problem

Gene Smith gds@chartertn.net
Sat Jun 11 06:59:00 GMT 2005

Brian Dessent wrote, On 06/07/2005 06:58 AM:
> Alireza Ghasemi wrote:
>>1.I have never tried to create any username in Cygwin (Because I don't know
>>how!).Also,I haven't given any username to apache.just I typed "apachectl
>>start".How can I create a username in cygwin?
>>2.I have a very weak dial-up internet connection and downloading files with
>>sizes more than 3..4 MB is difficult for me.so I prefer compiling source
>>packages in my SuSe8.0 Cd's rather than downloading binaries from internet.
> Cygwin does not have 'users' of its own.  Cygwin uses the user accounts
> in Windows.  To add a user to Cygwin, create that user using the normal
> Windows methods.
> But this is not required at all.
> In unix the unprivileged user account is typically named 'nobody'.  In
> Windows, it's typically Guest.  So, just change your httpd.conf to use
> Guest.  But really you should just comment that out alltogether because
> the preferred way to run Apache is via a service, not with apachectl.

I tried commenting out "User Guest" in httpd.conf and it would not start 
with cygrunsrv -S httpd. Also, account Guest (which I just created) 
would not work either. The only thing I could get to work (in Win2kPro) 
was to use my own account (administrative priv) in httpd.conf User 
field. What is the trick to getting Guest to work in win2k? When I did 
this in XP-home I "enabled" the dormant Guest account and it worked 
there when put in httpd.conf as User.

> Unless you're using 9x or ME don't even touch apachectl.  Install the
> service and use "net start"/"net stop" (or cygrunsrv) to start and stop
> it.  In this case it will be running as the SYSTEM user.  The
> Cygwin-packaged Apache documentation covers this.

/usr/share/doc/Cygwin/apache-1.3.33.README? Mostly seems to be just a 
list of files. Is there a better cygwin related docu file?


> Brian

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