bash page fault on Win98SE when running non-Cygwin programs

Jacek Piskozub
Sat Jun 11 08:49:00 GMT 2005

irwin at bongo wrote:

>When running some non-Cygwin programs from bash (seems to be mostly a problem
>with 16-bit programs, but also some 32-bit programs), bash gets an invalid page
>fault in KERNEL32.DLL and pops up a fault dialog.

I have seen the same problem with WindowsME for at least a month. All 
you need to do is to run the Windows version of sort 
(c:\windows\command\sort.exe) from a bash prompt. I did that 
accidentally because of a wrong sequence in my PATH string. You get a 
nasty crash every time with a never-ending self-respawning modal error 

Do you want me to send any crash stacks? If so, please provide 
instructions what exactluy I am supposed to produce.



"Microsoft tried to create products that even a fool could use, but they ended up with something that only a fool would want to use."
             F.W. van Wensveen, 2004

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