SSH and session master multiplexing

Corinna Vinschen
Sun Jun 12 11:31:00 GMT 2005

On Jun 12 19:58, ne wrote:
> Ok thanks, I thought that may be the case, a pity. I would have thought 
> wanting a seamless-"pre-authenticated"-X11-forwarded connection to a unix 
> box is something that would be highly desired and in common use under 
> Cygwin, I guess not :(

Descriptor passing isn't that easy to implement if you don't want to
have some additional background server running all the time.  I don't
want to make cygserver a requirement for descriptor passing, really.
It's something I want to implement at one point, though.

> Unfortuantly the solaris machine I connect to doesn't use keys, is there 
> something else I could do which would allow me to run *local* xterms/rxvt's 
> to this box without having to type in the password everytime? (I realise I 
> can start remote xterms fine, but the remote terms aren't as good :P ).



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