mcedit stackdumps

Krzysztof Duleba
Mon Jun 13 00:38:00 GMT 2005

Pavel Tsekov wrote:

> > > I am pretty confident that I've found the cause for the crash. It is
> > > indeed a double free issue as Christopher Faylor suggested. I just
> > a
> > > confirmation from you if it is possible - does the crash happen only
> > > you use the 'User Menu' (F11) in the editor.
> >
> > No, I've never used User Menu before, even accidentally - I wasn't
> > of it.
> Well, maybe you've been pressing Ctrl + O then ?

Yes, that's it! mcedit failes after F10 if I used Ctrl + O earlier.
Sometimes it's not even a stackdump, but an infinite loop with 100% CPU

> In any case - please try
> using the user menu and then quit to see if you'll manage to crash  MC.
> Either Ctrl + O or a command from the User Menu (F11) should trigger the
> crash. Please, report back.

F11 causes a crash as well.

I've compiled MC-4.6.1-pre4 and tested it with this case. It crashes. I
failed to crash the same version on a Linux box this way, though.

Thanks for investigating it! Is there a cure? Please let me know if you
find one.

Krzysztof Duleba

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