Backspace in gvim

Gene Smith
Mon Jun 13 04:49:00 GMT 2005

This may not be related in cygwin but since that's where I am seeing it 
I will go ahead and ask. I am running gvim 6.3 windows version and 
cygwin latest version on XP and 2k which I just installed. Backspace in 
insert mode used to delete the char to the left (possibly gvim 6.2 on 
linux and another older cygwin on 2k). I have always :set bs=2 in 
gvimrc. Now when I hit backspace in insert mode the cursor just moves 
over the characters and does not seem to affect them. However, when I go 
to command mode (hit escape) the characters are then removed. Looking at 
the gvim/vim documenation it never seems to mention that backspace can 
delete anything other than possibly eol to joint two lines, nor does it 
mention the deferred delete on hitting escape. However, for years I have 
used backspace as a immediate delete key, as you can do on the command 
line vi mode and as backspace works in the email editor I am typing into 
now. Someone in a previous post dismissed this as "the way gvim works" 
but no mention was made of the deferred delete occurring when command 
mode entered. Anyone here know anything about this or seen this?


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