Question about tab completion

Brian Dessent
Mon Jun 13 10:14:00 GMT 2005

Mikael wrote:

> But say I type /c<tab>, instead of stopping at c as I thought would happen,
> /cyg is completed and these three are displayed:
> cygdrive    cygwin.bat  cygwin.ico
> Why? Why doesn't it stop at c? Have I done something wrong with my mounts or
> is this as it should be?

Tab completion doesn't know about mounts, only directories and files. 
Since there is not actually a directory in the root named 'c'
(underneath the mount), tab completion doesn't consider it.  In other
words, if you do "ls /" you won't see /c, which is essentially all that
tab completion does.

You can get the desired behavior though by actually creating a directory
there.  But you can't do this while /c is mounted, so you'll have to
temporarily set the cygdrive to something else.

$ mount -c /cygdrive
$ mkdir /c
$ mount -c /


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