Install problems on XP with setup.exe

Keith Weintraub
Mon Jun 13 15:05:00 GMT 2005

	I have tried to install Cygwin numerous times on XP professional
version 2002 Service Pack 2. 

I have tried to install the base plus other individual packages but
finally just tried the default install.

I've tried it for all users and just me, I've tried it for both Unix and
DOS default text types. I've tried a number of different mirrors.

Each time I run it I get the message: "Download Incomplete" when I retry
I get the "Download Incomplete" when I cancel I get the following info
in a popup box:

	Fatal Error: Uncaught Exception
	Thread: install
	Type: St16invalid_argument
	Message: URL Scheme not registered!

I've tried installing this on two drives:
	C: Is my local hard drive which is NTFS.
	U: Is a network drive which is also NTFS.

Both drives have plenty of space left on them.

Thanks in advance for your help,

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