Install problems on XP with setup.exe

Keith Weintraub
Mon Jun 13 15:34:00 GMT 2005

	Thanks for the reply. I tried a couple of different mirrors
(sorry I didn't put that in my original post.

The last one I tried was In addition my list of
mirrors in setup.exe never shows me anything but ftp:// or http://


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>From: Keith Weintraub
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> 	I have tried to install Cygwin numerous times on XP professional
> version 2002 Service Pack 2.
> I have tried to install the base plus other individual packages but
> finally just tried the default install.
> I've tried it for all users and just me, I've tried it for both Unix
> DOS default text types. I've tried a number of different mirrors.
> I've tried installing this on two drives:
> 	C: Is my local hard drive which is NTFS.
> 	U: Is a network drive which is also NTFS.

  Then I guess the one thing you haven't tried is downloading from a
different mirror!

  To be precise, you need to select one that uses FTP or HTTP.  Setup
capable of downloading from the rsync-based mirrors; they are listed in
mirrrors.txt for completeness, since they are valid cygwin mirrors, but
setup.exe only speaks ftp and http.  While some of the mirrors speak FTP
HTTP _and_ rsync, you still have to click on the listing for them that
begins with 'ftp://' or 'http://'; you can't use any of the URLs in the
mirror list that begin 'rsync://'

> Each time I run it I get the message: "Download Incomplete" when I
> I get the "Download Incomplete" when I cancel I get the following info
> in a popup box:
> 	Fatal Error: Uncaught Exception
> 	Thread: install
> 	Type: St16invalid_argument
> 	Message: URL Scheme not registered!
  The error message is, as you have noticed, not very good!  And of
setup.exe shouldn't even offer you the rsync:// mirrors in the mirror
if it can't download from them.  This is a known bug and the mirror list
will have the rsync entries correctly filtered out in the next release

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