Bug in chere

Dave d_inabox@yahoo.com
Mon Jun 13 23:02:00 GMT 2005

>chere adds a "bash here" context menu just fine. However:
>1) You have to click on a folder icon, clicking in a folder
>   that's open does not work
>2) It opens the shell not in the folder you clicked on, but
>   in the parent folder

Thanks for the report. Now how did that go unnoticed? More explicit instructions
to reproduce:

1) In the LH pane of Explorer, select a folder with subdirectories
   (eg c:\windows).
2) In the RH pane, right click a subdirectory and select Bash here.
   (eg system32).

Bash will start in the parent directory (c:\windows)

A known workaround is to specify -1 (that's a one) when invoking chere. However,
as noted in the documentation this won't work properly if you use ash or tcsh.
Or if you try to open a network location.

I'm restructuring the script at the moment and have a fix in mind. Hopefully it
will be ready for release sometime soon.


chere maintainer

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